Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Time Flies.

Every day passes so fast, it's hard to believe today is the last day of February.
We had a big storm the last week. Although many people says they love snow, but I hate it since I have to shovel it on the drive way. And it really scares me a lot to drive too!

The other week, we had terrible ice storm. That was my first experience, the snow (sleet) turned to ice quickly as I did't find a good timing to shovel it! All of the place where the snow stuck became like a ice rink, my husband couldn't get the car out of the garage, I couldn't get the car to the public road which was plowed, since my drive way was like ice rink! So all of my activities were canceled in that week. Most of public spaces were closed as well, some schools were closed for 4 days.

I keep sewing something. Actually my resolution for this year is "Finish all of the quilts which I was working on before.". I have some quilt tops which were stopped on the middle of process, but I can't stop myself to start to make new one leaving the old one... I know... I am not a patient person.

I finished one quilt which was left before, and other one was finished basting, another one is left just binding. It's very interesting to see myself in the old (?) quilts I ever made. It reminds me what I was thinking when I was working on the quilts, bring me back some memories. Unfortunately, really old top was not flat because the sewing lines were not straight. I couldn't even sew straight at that time. It still hard to make a "complately flat" top though, the top was... "BUMPY"... I quilted it somehow..., but I couldn't avoid some wrinkles. The quilt will be used on my bed or on the couch.

I sell my quilts on my Esty shop. The proccess to make a quilt is just fun for me, and I didn't have strong feeling to my quilts, and I am very happy to meet people who like my quilt as even they pay for it. I sold 7 quilts for now though..., lately I started to feel like that I am selling my memories. I have a little regret of I sold them especially the one I made a few years ago. To make a quilt for sale is not fun... because sometimes it's not my taste. My brain naturally thinks what is popular. I should have fun with them.

Oh, I made one cotton gauze blanket! It has 4 gauze layers and 1 flannel layer, total 5 layers. I looked for soft double gauze fabric which are sold in Japan, but I couldn't find it. The blanket is so soft and comfortable, the price might be a little bit expensive (it's sold at Esty) because the gauze fabric is expensive. It was very fun to work with it because I felt like I am making a pleasant treasure.

And other tote bags. They were sold very soon after I listed them up, and I received positive feedback. I always feel a lot of relieve when I receive a positive feedback. I am glad to know how they like my work.
Thank you very much!