Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The flight schedule was changed :-(

I am supposed to be in Japan now. But I couldn't fly to Japan yesterday due to the bad weather.
I was checking the flight status since very early yesterday's morning. Although the news on TV was reporting many of flights were canceled or delayed a lot, the airline's website was showing that my flight was on schedule. So my husband took me the airport anyway.

I was allowed to check in, but during the procedure they told me that I will have a bad connection because of the flight delay. I anyway could go to the transit point, but they just put me in a hotel there because I will miss my flight. I had to change the date of the flight, they showed me some options, and I postponed it to this Friday.

I had to cancel a few appointments with my friends and resavation for shuttle bus which takes me to my home from the Japanese airport, with this change of flight schedule. I was so busy to write e-mails about my situation to my friends and made some phone calls to Japan in the last evening, which means morning in Japan.

After everything was settled, I was so exausted. This is my first exprience that I had to change my flight schedule. It's no fun :-( But we can't control the weather, there is nothing I can do about this.

In my area, yesterday's weather was so bad. Very strong wind as I saw some trees fell down on the street. Some of schools were closed because a tree fell down on electric lines, the area lost power. Today seems like a little bit better, but I believe this weather is making today's flights delay.

Anyway. I enjoyed to join English conversation club as usual today, and I will have lunch with my friend tomorrow. Also I received many e-mails from both of my friends who live here and in Japan. I appreciate them to show their concern.