Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Getting very busy !

The day I leave for Japan is coming! It's almost 10 days later.
I hope my husband take care of our rabbits propery. I worry about he wouldn't give them real papaya, and he is not able to chop vegetable fine for Rusty which lost the front teeth a while ago. I hope they are fine when I come back... and strongly hope they wouldn't forget me during I am away from home. I think my cats which live with my mother in Japan, already forgot about me. It's been 3 years since I left them. They are 18 years old, so probabry this time will be the last time to be with them. It's hard to believe they are so old. They were a little kitten when I met them for the first time.

I started to get souveniors for my family and my friends. I was thinking what is good for them, and asked some of my Japanese friends what they bring to them when they go to Japan. Most of them said "Chocolate. They can buy the same chocolate in Japan, but that is unbelievably expensive there.", other one said "Bloom." Bloom??!! She told me some of blooms are different from Japanese one. I have never thought of it. And other one said that her friends like "Hand sanitizer. We can buy it in Japan, but it's not that common. Especially small totable one.", so I took the idea of "Chocolate" and "Hand sanitizer". Bloom is difficult to carry :-( I don't know why she is going to do that next time when she go to Japan.

I got many soups too! I don't see them yet because I bought them from handmade website which is the same site as my shop is in. Many, many craft people or artists sell their products there. She sent me one e-mail since she found that we live in the same area. The timing she contacted me and her products are very good for the souveniors! Someone's original thing is always nice for a gift or a souvenior. I will see her to receive the items I purchased tomorrow. And I hope my friends like the soap!

Today, I will see my Indian friend to have lunch together. I love her indian food! It's always delicious! She sometimes invites me to have lunch at her home, I think it's because I sometimes fix the length of her new pants. I was thinking if I would go to Indian restaurant by myself before I go to Japan since I don't have indian food for a long time. I appreciate her for inviting me. I may want to compare indian food here and in Japan. I have been in Japanese Indian restaurant, most of them just provide us one kind of curry with different spicy level, and sea food or chicken or beef, or pork for filling. I think the taste is different too. I see many Japanese restarutant here, but they are not Japanese food for Japanese. Anyway I love indian food in this country and the one who was made by real indian.