Sunday, August 19, 2007


Here it is cold (for me) in VA, since yesterday. I was surprised I felt cold temparture yesterday when I went outside to check mails. And still cold today too. It was very hot a few days ago. Strange.

I was looking at pictures that I took in Japan. These might be interesting for you, they were taken in grocery store.

Carrot leaves. I was thinking that I wanted to give them to my rabbits.

Shimeji -- Japanese mashrooms --.
I love Shimeji though, I haven't seen in my area.

Natto (fermented soybeans). I seldom seen foreigners to say "I like Natto.", but "I like Sushi."
They are stinky though, very healthy foods and tasty!

Eel! I love eel burned and soaked in sweet sause. My greatuncle used to have eel business, so I used to be given often when I was a child.

Tarako(salted cod roe).
This is very important item like Miso soup for Japanese to eat rice with. I love Tarako spaghetti! I brought many Tarako spaghetti sauce from Japanese trip this time. I haven't seen Tarako in my area neither (>_<). So sometimes my friends in Japan send them to me.

Milk packages. They are 1 litter (approx. quater of 1 gallon) carton. We don't buy milk or other juice per a gallon.

Everything is big in the USA!