Thursday, August 30, 2007

How to make a Saikoro (Dice) pouch.

The other day, my friend showed me a cute dice shaped pouch that she made. I said to her it's so pretty, then she sent me a instruction through e-mail.
Since I was asked how to make it by my other friend, I decided to introduce how to
make it here. I hope you understand it :)

You are going to make this pouch.

The materials :

Fabrics for front and lining, and interfacing.
9" zipper, 2 pieces of cotton tape for tags for both side of the pouch. I used cotton tape for tag because I am a lazy person, but you can make it with a piece of fabric if you would like. Ribbon or just a piece of fabric is fine. It's for tags.
Each of the fabrics and interfacing size is 10" by 20". (I thought around 12" by 20" would be better after I completed the pouch.)
And you will need 2 of 3" by 6" pieces of lining fabric for piping later.

Layer front fabric and the zipper like this.
Zipper : right side down, Front fabric : right side up.

Then, layer lining fabric right side down (front fabric and lining right side together) on it, layer interfacing on it. Please be careful not to move the zipper!

And then, sew them together carefully like this.

Open up the layers, front fabric wrong side and interface together, iron the seam...

and sew them together like this.

Let's finish the other side of zipper! Just do in the same way as you did now.
Fold the front fabric right side together. And put the zipper on it.

And then, layer right side of lining on it, layer interfacing.
Pin them, and sew!

The bottom looks like this.

Turn over it from the side of front fabric.
And line up them at the zipper like just you did before. Iron the seam,

open up the zipper and sew on the seam!

Now, turn over it again right side together. You are now looking at lining side. We are going to sew the edges to make dice shape! This is very easy, but be careful ;)
Please remember where the numbers on the picture go.

Fold it in half carefully, now 1 is on 3, and zipper is on your left side.
Pick up the 4 to bring 1 on the top of 2.

Does your dice pouch look like this?

This is other view to see inside.

Then, simply bring 5 on the top of 4. Please do the same the right side and other side of the pouch!
After you finish this "folding work" 4 times, you are ready to sew again!
You are going to finish!

Now, when you open the 2 to each side, does your pouch look like this??

Layer the tape or ribbon or piece of fabric, whatever you prepared for the tags on the first layer of the pouch.
Should be like this.

Fold them back in place, and finally..., sew them together! Be careful to not move any parts this time!

Finish the other side in the same way!
Don't forget to leave the zipper open. You will turn right side out from the zipper after you complete all of work. If you leave the zipper close, you can't turn right side out :-(

This is the view of when you open your pouch after finished sewing both of end side.

Now you are ready for piping the edges.
Cut 2 pieces of 3" by 6" from the fabric for lining.

Hold them in half, iron them, and layer it on the edge like this.
Pin it.....,

and sew.
You are going to wrap the edges with the piece of fabric.

Turn your pouch over, and start to wrap from the edge..., this might be difficult part because the layers are thick, you may have to fight with your sewing machine...
But don't be irritated! Just do slowly and slowly. Be careful to not break your sewing machine needle!

This is the view you just finished piping!

Turn over and look at the other side ;)

This is how the piped edges look like inside of the pouch.

Everything is done!!
Turn right side out from zipper opening!
Shape the pouch looks like a dice ;-)