Saturday, August 25, 2007

Trying to make cotton tape.

I see many people use their own logo on fabric tape on their handmade products. The product with original logo looks nicer. I made 4 of original stamps of my shop during I was in Japan. I thought it would be nice to make my original small thank you card of my shop, and it turned out "I might able to make cotton logo tape with them!" because I found I cannot afford to order to a printing company for the tape.

I used aclylic paint for stamping. I have used this paint before and it worked great for stamping on cotton fabric.

Tip a little amount of the aclylic paint on the top of the sponge brush of stencil, and spread it using a top of a petbottle. And then, just put the paint on a stamp lightly little by little, then stamp on the fabric!

The logo marks looked great to me! Looks really like "handmade", doesn't it???
But I am worrying about if people feel "This logo is the EXTRA!". sigh...

The sakura patterned red fabric was also stamped by me. I stenciled with aclylic paint and fixed by iron. I washed this fabric twice after stamping, the paint isn't washed away.