Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Leaf Fresh Quilt

This quilt have found a new home soon after it was created.

My friend offered me that she would like to purchase it at the meeting of quilt group for her daughter's anniversary. I anyway bring quilts that I made to the meeting to show and tell so that we can inspire each other. I am very honored of her offer, I hope her daughter will like it and keep it for a long time.

I love earth colors (blue, green, brown) as her daughter, especially light and muted colors. Since this quilt is one of my favorite, I am so happy about my friend (or her family) keep it, and about she thought she would like to have it even she pays for it.

I asked her that I would like to bring the quilt back to my home once, since it's already on the list of my Etsy shop. I didn't think it's sold so soon, but I can't say 100% it's not sold yet.

She again offered me to pick it up at my home if it's not sold yet, and she visited me with her husband. I felt too bad about it though...., my husband is kind of old style person (he is actually old) that he wants to have me around him when he is at home. -- Many wives would understand how I feel ? --

To my surprise! It turned out a very good day for my husband. My husband likes her husband and hoping to be a good friends with him. My husband seldom feel this way to other people. I hope they get along each other like best friends, so that I would be able to see my friend more often!