Thursday, October 04, 2007

My free motion foot has gone (>_<)!

Oh my god.... My free motion foot died last night :-(
I have never thought about sewing machine foot can die, I thought it last until I will die once I got it.
I ordered the new foot immediately at the online store I have purchased before.


I was treated very good by this store the last time, they answer my small stupid question immediately, and shipping was so fast, they sent me a suitable screw for my sewing machine for free to use their foot on my machine since I let them know I had a problem with it. I was very happy to do business with them.

I ordered 2 of the new feet, I hope my sewing machine (her name is Lady) would not die before the 2 of new feet die :-( I have been thinking to get the second sewing machine though...., I have not get enough informations about what sewing machine is best for me yet.

Anyway, I have stuck at the half way of making a quilt. This is no fun :-(