Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Polka Dot Fabrics

I am lately crazy about polka dot fabrics..., since I joined one exchange blocks project of using polka dot fabrics with my quilting group. I was not interested in polka dot before, but I now feel like it's most prettier thing in the world.

You say "polka dot", but it's not only one kind of polka dot! So many kind of polka dot in the world!!
I have purchased some (...I should say "many") fabrics on ebay, this is the part of it.

I am thinking to make one polka dot sampler quilt with them... and I still have enough fabrics for other project.

I am wondering why quilters buy fabrics more and more, even we have enough fabrics for projects, still buying more and more. I have never know if I can spend all of the fabrics I ever bought, and store them for a long time...., and I may use it 10 years later..., but still buy more :-( Even I would use the fabric after a long time, I may be in trouble which means... I may have shortage of the fabric for a project, and it would not be sold at anywhere anymore because it's too old.

I think that to buy fabrics that I need for the project that I am working on is a great way of saving money... but I can not stop myself to buy fabrics... oh....