Monday, December 03, 2007


We are in holiday season now. I feel this season when I am invited by my friends often for parties and potlucks. They keep me busy in fun. I don't personally cerebrate hollydays though, I love to feel them.

This holiday season is special for me rather than big holidays. My anniversary is Dec. 26, my husband and my birthday is Jan. 7. Yes, we have the same birthday. So many events are in this season. I am glad my baby's due is July 4th, we need to spread events.

I am not that active for my handmade shop, since I am feeling sleepy and tired as I take a nap often dairy because of pregnancy. It is very strange for me to not feel aggressive to create something. I have been enjoying looking at quilting magazines, imaging what I want to make next though, I am not feeling for taking action.
So, I have been spending the time that I am supposed to sew for watching movies with my husband, talking with him, playing with my rabbits more often, and although most of it is spent for taking a nap.

I enjoyed to make some Christmas arrangements for my friends to give away when I felt better, since we are in holiday season.

Sorry for the messy back ground! I worked in my storage room...