Thursday, February 21, 2008

Custom order Quilt and Gauze Blanket

I have been working on big (?) projects these days. This is a custom order quilt which I was asked in the last fall, and was waiting for until winter since the lady who offered me the order intended to use it for this spring. She liked other similar quilt I ever made (below), so I tried to make it in similar color scheme.

I would say their color is similar, but I would say I prefer the new one. The color are a little brighter and clear, isn't it? This makes me feel "Spring is coming!".

And here is the blanket I am working on.

I am almost crazy about too many circles to do applique, I need to line the trees all way around. I have been wishing to do applique by sewing machine, but it's impossible for me since the gauze material is too soft. Even if I could do it, to do applique by sewing machine makes the blanket harder. So I will stay on doing it by hand, in future too. Anyway I love the touch of this blanket as it is like a mousse cake :)

This is a big job for me, and I know I will (am) appreciate(ing) the lady who offered me for this job because this blanket will represent my works for a long time.