Thursday, February 07, 2008

Do you know how dummy I am? (>_<)

Look at this picture. Can you figure out what it is?

This was supposed to be my lunch for today!

I had a hard morning today! I have taken all of rabbits to a vet for blood check. I do this every year to check their health status, so I can find their sickness before it gets worse.
You know, to carry 7 rabbits are not that easy. (And expensive too) I asked my husband to take half day off for it. The purpose to go to the vet was for blood check for all rabbits which was a technician appointment, and I needed to see a doctor for 2 rabbits.

Anyway, I want to forget that my main doctor for my rabbits declined to see them for the reason of I was late 5 minutes for the appointment time because she is so behind of her schedule, and took 2 hours for blood check for the guys. Both of my husband and I agreed with the idea of "She is not in good mood today." since we know she is a moody person. So we had to reschedule for it, and will try again next Thursday.

The vet is far as we have to drive up about 1.5 hours to get there. We really appreciated them for considering our location and considering a long history between them and us. Really.

My husband went to work late this afternoon after the vet, and I went to shopping after that. We were running out of beer! he-he-he.
I was so hungry when I went to the grocery shop, and found one junk food (frozen food) at the store!

This is it! I love Carbonara very much!

The direction for cooking says, "30-32 minutes for oven".

Oven...... Oven....?
What does Oven mean in the USA??? I thought oven is usually used for roasting whole turkey. Burn this small thing in the oven 30-32 minutes??? It couldn't be!!
I thought most of cases, you use microwave to cook it for around 5 minutes. This is strange.

And what I did was, put it in a microwave, and set the time as 20 minutes. I thought I need to special longer cook for this item, since I don't doubt many things as my personality.

I noticed something is burning because of the oder while I was taking care of my rabbits. And! Found my microwave is making smoke a lot !!! (>_<) Even the upside of room was whole smoke!!!

Oh my god.
How can I do for it.
I anyway opened windows, turned on fans. And..... called my husband to tell him not coming home until late.
He hates stinky house because of his sinus problem. Oder always makes his nose run. So I cannot cook meat inside, no oil inside. To cook meat inside is doesn't matter for him because he is a vegetarian, but I sometimes need meat. That case, I have to cook outside for myself. So I usually don't eat meat in my home either.

My husband is getting used to my stupidity a lot. He wasn't even mad at me on the phone when I described the situation laughingly. He has just suggested me what I should do, and said to me, "Not funny at all. Use your head asshole." calmly..... ( he has a bad mouse, and I don't care about it anymore.)

Sad (>_<)!!!