Friday, February 15, 2008

How was your Valentine's day??

How was your Valentine's day? I hope you all had a wonderful day with all love around you!

Mine was..... oh, yes. I had a wonderful day too.
I had a appointment with the vet for my 3 rabbits in the morning, so I took them there with my husband. I again want to forget that they told us a wrong name of my rabbit that should be there. They said "Sujie has high level of sugar, and calcium" from the last blood check. So we took Sujie there, but they meant it was "Sou".



It's a big difference!!
Sorry for Sujie had to be taken the long travel for nothing! What they said was, "I cannot remember your rabbits name." And we have to go back again for Sou! How nice they are (>_<). But the main doctor is very skillful for rabbits as it is hard to have an appointment with her, and their price is lower. That is the reason of we stay with the vet for a long time.

By the way.
My friend gave me an information about there is a nice fabric store in the area of where the vet is located. I wasn't sure how close the vet and the fabric store is, and looked up the map. And I found they are VERY, UNBELIEVABLY, AMAZINGLY close!!

Here is the map of them.

Map Quest said it is 2 minutes driving from the vet to the fabric store, and it is even very possible to walk between. Since my husband lost his job, he doesn't have to go back to work after the vet, so I TOLD him (didn't ask, just told) that I will go to take a look of the shop, so PLEASE watch the rabbits in the car. So he can control the temperature in the car for them. It is impossible to leave them in a car when no one is with them, especially except for early spring and late fall. And he accepted it. Oh, this is very nice Valentine's gift from him.

It was about 20 minutes I have looked around in the shop! It was very nice as I told my husband that I wanted to live there. (He said to me, "Go back and ask them if you can live there or not.")

Here is the picture of the shop.
My friend who gave me that information is thinking to make a tour of 3 nice fabric shops around our area, but they are a bit far, so it's nice to make a tour with some people. I hope this picture gives my friend to find the store.

And, here is the fabrics I purchased!
Oh, they had so many high quality quilt fabrics including designers fabrics. They are not "Jo-Ann" quality, just nice! (And of course the price is higher than Jo-Ann though...)

Bought this fabric for my "Sakura" project. I have really so many kinds of fabrics though, I don't know why I don't have many selection of "light green". So I started to look around light green fabrics.

And these reminded me Japanese taste. I thought I would make a tote bag with those, but they are not enough amount since they are Fat Quarter. I think I would make a wristlet with thouse.