Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nice, nice, nice, and happy day!

I had a very exciting and happy day yesterday at the quilting group !! Yesterday was very special for me.
I was able to see my precious friends who I didn't see for a while! You know..., I didn't know this feeling before, as I really appreciate my friends for being around me, or/and appreciating my family for being just there. They always warm me up by being there, by bringing me a story of their life which is very respectable, listening to my story in my -- hard to understand -- English. They always trying to help me, care about me, paying attention to me, so I want to do the same for them, but I actually have no idea what I can do for them since they are much greater than me.

I had a gift from a friend who moved in Ohio last year, she is visiting in Virginia in this week.

Polka dot fabrics and one project using polka dot!
This is really amazing project for me as I have been wanting to sew circle! It is always amazing to see how she is a prepared lady like this time, she copied all of the pattern for me, and even color photo copy! Everything is well organized by her.

I have one project I have been working on at only the quilt group.

Grandmother's Garden!

All done by hand, trying to describe cherry blossom. I got plastic plate for it in Japan. I found similar plate in the US, but I don't remember exactly where was it :(

My grandmother garden is growing really little by little, since I work on them at the quilting group. I am trying to make a lap sized quilt, but I am not sure yet since one lady told me that I need number of the plate for all edges. I may not have enough plates for it :(

And......! Here is my revenge!

I could get my lunch today! Finally!

The room that effected by smoke is still very stinky as there is someone who is a heavy smoker :-( Sometimes I get sore throat :-( It is getting weaker and weaker, but still (>_<).