Sunday, February 03, 2008

Soreness of my body :-(

I am feeling all of my body is sore, my shoulders, my back, waist, eyes, arms, tingling legs.... (>_<).
What happened to me...?

I think this is from craft, yes, hand carving, stamping and quilting. Am I sure?!?!?!?!?!?!?! But I have no idea what I got muscle pain from except for those. Unbelievable... I have to realize how much I don't exercise everyday.... Oh, I am shocked.... Wow.... how can I say? My husband is much older than me, and I expected him to pass away before me, but..... I am not sure about it now.... he may live longer than me.... seriously.... and I started to worry about myself WILL have Alzheimer in near future since there was a time that I couldn't remember how I stop water running from faucet. I will be an animal and people would treat me badly... as I hear that kind of news so often from Japan....


I finally finished this quilt. I ended up giving this to my friend.

I have a friend who has some problems. I don't understand exactly how she is feeling because I am not her. I can do nothing for her. I don't have large vocabulary to comfort her even in Japanese, and I don't have a lot of experiences like she does. All I can do is just imagine her pain gathering my experiences.

When I was watching this quilt top in my room, I thought I can finish this quilt for her. I want her to know how much I think of her even I can do nothing for her, and it might comfort her. So, started to quilt it suddenly like hell. I am not sure what color she likes, but I know she ever participated the program of Kimono block exchange. So I think at least she is interested in Asian style.

It might be not nice to write about it here, since she knows my blog, but I really want her to get well, if possible very soon. Sending this quilt to her tomorrow, hope I hear something good from her.