Tuesday, April 22, 2008


We are in spring now!

When I see this kind of Sakura, I feel spring is going over, and summer is start soon. They are so beautiful like western ladies.

I have had an unexpectable fever since the last Friday, it was not a cold, just headache and fever. It's almost gone now.
In the beautiful spring day, it came suddenly. I was quite normal that day, but got a high fever after the night. Took aspirins and vitamins every 4 hours for one day, and took Ibuprofens in the same way for another one day, but they didn't work at all.

To stay in the bed all day is really no fun, but staying up is difficult with high fever, but cannot sleep all day. My rabbits are also stuck in the cage all days, should be no fun for them too. My husband at least takes care of handicapped one, but others. It doesn't mean he doesn't care about other rabbits, just he doesn't know how I am doing for them everyday.

I was feeling so miserable for myself, wondering what was going on with my body. On the 3rd day I started to have the fever, I told my husband that I want to do something to get out of this situation.

He said to me, "Well, there is not many things that you can do. Just stay in the bed and try to forget about it. How about to watch TV?"

But I cannot enjoy TV programs because of my English problems, even we don't have good connection to TV wave, so our TVs sometimes don't give us both pictures and sounds :( Most of the time, sounds and hardly see pictures. (Public channel is always clear.) Of course, we don't have cables. So I don't watch TV often.

I felt a little irritated about what he said. I always envy him about he can laugh watching TV. I said to him, "I don't want English now. I am too tired to translate. I even want you to speak Japanese, no more English now." I know he doesn't speak Japanese, I was mean.

I have some DVDs that my mother sent me from Japan, which she recorded Japanese programs at her home. I thought this is a good opportunity to watch them since I didn't have time to watch them until now.
But, we don't have a DVD player, so we have to watch DVD on my husband's computer. But he has a transmitter from the computer to the TV. He tried to set them up for me, but unfortunately it didn't work. It seems be because of different file type. The DVDs work on his computer, but the transmitter doesn't transmit the picture to the TV.

I am appreciate him for spending his time for it for 4 hours. Actually I couldn't stay my body up for 4 hours, so I fell in asleep waiting for him.

After that, he brought me old videos (7 cassettes total) "SHOGUN" which is his favorite.
I have just finished 2 cassettes though....., it is odd. I am very sure about people who saw this dram of movie whatever, must think that Japan is very crazy and odd country. I haven't been in that old time in Japan, but as seen many of Japanese movies and dramas in Japan that drew about Japanese old time...., they are basically the same, which means Japanese old time was that way in real, I think.

Anyway, he did what he could do for me, and I am almost recovered as I went grocery shopping today. My rabbits will get a normal life from tomorrow, some are from today :) Being healthy is wonderful.