Friday, April 11, 2008

Tax return.

The due is almost here.
I hate to do tax thing every year, I think only very limited people like it to do :-(
I dairy take care of papers and receipts for tax, and I give the papers of for a year to my husband, he reads through the papers and receipts. He gives me numbers of how much spend for what, and I make a table using Excel. Then, we bring everything to H & R Block, always in the last minute.

My husband is seriously, really, bad at paper work. I don't understand at all what is so difficult for him, but he is often confused by himself, read the same paper over and over again. It's take unbelievably long time, as I could make 4 patterns of cards while I was waiting for him in front of the computer to be given the number.

We have finally finished all tax things, just go to H&R Block on this Monday!
I hope everything will go well this year too.


I have bought some fabrics from Japan :)

They have just arrived today!
It is very surprising that they came in 2 days later of ordering day. I thought it would take at least a week. I will make tote bags or petit granny bags for sale with these fabrics :-D