Saturday, April 26, 2008


After I have recovered from the fever, I have been lazy not sewing many things. Maybe it is because of this hot weather? It is hot in VA in this few days. I felt like my head might be burning when I was watching ants working so hard for their nest in my front yard this afternoon. I asked them "How come you guys can work so hard in this hot weather? We will have rain this evening, according to the forecast. Your nest will be destroyed soon...", but they don't definitely understand it. And they would start to work after the rain over and over again. I used to give them some sugar before, but I stopped it once they have scared me by coming and coming out from the nest to get the sugar. It became a big black spot. I felt like I might be eaten by them too.

I have found an interesting fabric on the internet yesterday.
This is it.

It's not uncommon to see Sushi patterned fabric. The problem to me is the Wasabi that is on the left blow corner. This shape is ... a biggie ... in Japan. I understand that Wasabi is served with Sushi like that shape, but it's totally different. It's like a jaggy mountain, not like a soft cream. I have to tell this to my Japanese friends!

By the way, do you know why Wasabi is always served with Sushi or Sashimi??
It is not only for taste, actually Wasabi has a power of killing bacteria that come with raw fish. You may not particularly like Wasabi, but I think you better eat it a little when you eat raw fish :)