Saturday, May 10, 2008

Beads Necklace.

This beautiful necklace was made by my friend's daughter. I was given it from her the last spring when I visited my friend's house. My friend is one of my best, we shared our high school days. She is like my mother now.

Her daughter got the first job this spring after graduating. Every time I visit my friend, she always gives me her beads work. They are getting gorgeous more and more! I believe she is very talented! I was hoping her to have a job related beads working or designing jewelry, but she took a job in different field.

I am not a kind of person who always wear accessory, even don't care a lot about what I wear. As long as the clothes are clean, it's basically fine. I don't even have an wedding band, all of accessories I have were gifted by my people. When I wear accessories and fancy clothes is maybe only for a Christmas party which is provided by my husband's company. My husband is the same kind, so he has many of the same shirts for work, and the same socks. Everyone must think he doesn't change clothes everyday. ha-ha.

But! I love girly things!! I don't have to wear it, but love to see!
So, I found the way to show off the beautiful necklace to people, and even to me! My mannequin wears it! and it will be in the picture every time when I take a picture of my tote bags for sale.

I was surprised to see my mannequin looks beautiful with it, really. This is a magic :-D