Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chocolate Candy boxes -- Baby quilt --

Beautiful Jelly roll from Moda fabric :-D
I didn't know what this is used for, even though I have seen it many times. I finally figured it out when a strip pieced quilt and jelly rolls are presented at the same place at a fabric store! It took a long time :(

We can save time to collect fabrics, and they are all color organized, it is just like a kit!

I enjoyed a lot staring at it from other directions, and took a lot of picture of it. This is perfectly pretty!!!

And started to disassemble it...

Woo, I miss the stubble! (>_<)

It became many pieces of fabric...

I sewed, sewed and sewed the strips together.

Still sewing, and sewing...

And it became a big piece :)

Here is the baby quilt I have made from it.



With the back.

The back.

I got this fabric for the backing a while ago. I really liked it, and purchased 3 yards at online store. It is also from Moda fabric. But I have noticed the each circles are too big for a small project like a tote bag, when I received it.
Now, I am happy about I could use it for the right place.