Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My 8th princess.

I have met the bunny again a week ago :-D Here she is :)

She was becoming a scared rabbit than I first met her.
I held her for a while, but she didn't like it and ran away from me to hide herself between the wall and the other rabbit once I released her in the cage.

I hope she would be friendly with my male rabbit Boo. Boo was like her when he came my home, taking 3 years to get him friendly. He has broken 2 of my husband's finger nails because of fear. My husband was just trying to get him out of the cage, but he must felt my husband was going to kill him or something. He bit my husband's nails.... twice... I don't know if he and the new rabbit would get along with each other, both have similar personality. It might be difficult.

Other white female was feeling so comfortable in the cage.
My husband was mentioning the possibility of having the white girl instead if they didn't like each other, since she looks like my dearest rabbit who passed away 2 years ago.

Anyway, I still have to wait some more until I can introduce my male rabbit to her.

I have made 4 bags (total 5) at once the day before yesterday. It is made out of Japanese kimono obi fabric, which is gorgeously embroidered and material is thick and sturdy. 2 of them are for sale, and other 2 have left for Japan yesterday.

I sent one of them to my mother before, and she showed it to my sister-in-law. I have received an e-mail from my mother which is saying "She was so excited when she looked at the bag! I think she would be very happy if you would sent her another bag!"

So, I have made the same one for her and her mother too! I have received a big box filled up by Japanese fabrics from her and her mother the other day. I hope they would like the bag :)