Monday, June 16, 2008

Vacuum cleaner.

My lovely vacuum cleaner has broken today :( This is the second time.

It is from Shop.vac, the smallest size one. I love this vacuum cleaner (hope it has wheels, but it's ok), it's very convenience for me. I don't need a cleaner bag, (so don't have to buy it!), suck up dust well, and holds the dust a lot (so I don't have to clean itself often), very easy to deal with when it's clogged.

I clean my rabbit's cage with this 2 times a day. The vacuum cleaner has gone when I started to clean it.

The first time when it was broken, I just called my husband to fix it. He is a very handy man, he fix almost anything. I was very impressed that he fixed the coffee maker with a small parts (it was 20 cents) before. I am not familiar with electric things, so I would have to buy new one if I didn't have him. And maybe many people are doing that.

He has fixed it for the first time, and it was working. But today...., unfortunately, it has gone again. So I again called my husband to fix it. He found the problem, but he didn't have the right parts. This time, he found something similar one, and modified it, and... my lovely vacuum cleaner is working again with less noise :-D

He always explains about electric things and physics, but I really don't understand it! It might be a good English lesson, but I am not interested in the topics anyway...
I always tell my husband to leave his brain for me when he dies, since he is a genius.