Thursday, July 17, 2008

Busy days!

So many things to do come up everyday! I think it is happiness.
I have been thinking about I better make a list what I need to do, since I keep dropping some things everyday :(

My 8th rabbit has finally joined in my family about 10 days ago!!

Her name is Groucho! :( Yes, it is from Groucho Marx.
My husband kept saying "I cannot think of other name idea. SHE IS GROUCHO!! She just looks like Groucho!!" I don't mind what name she has, but I feel a little sorry for her named of the old man..., but I cannot help it. My husband added "I will call her Groucho, even you name her different name!"

Groucho with her partner Boo.
I am glad to see they are very happy everyday, but at the same time, I feel like my son has gone somewhere with his girlfriend. Boo is a very nice guy, he is the best guy among my rabbits. His personality is just great. He keeps licking her all the time! I was worrying a little bit if they get along each other, but it's just perfect!

Boo looks very happy and feeling more comfortable since he got her. He often lay down on the floor stretching his legs out much more than before. My husband says "He looks like he became a man from a boy with his wife and his home." It might be true.

Groucho is 5 months old. Her food is special to grow than other adult rabbits. I often need to separate Groucho and Boo to not him eats her food. He is a little over weight, he needs diet. It was the day before yesterday, I was trying to get her out of the cage, but she didn't like it. Boo just rush to my hand, and started to punch it with his front legs, then he bit me!! I understand that was to protect her, but I felt a little sad because he has never done that to me.

To see their "Love, Love" life makes me happy very much! I sometimes just watch them around an hour... they let me forget time.