Saturday, July 05, 2008

Had a good time!

I was able to see my friend after a long time, finally!
Her husband and my husband sounds feeling something each other, we could have a meeting with husbands!

I love to try a fancy restaurant!
I don't have many opportunities for it, since my husband is a vegetarian who strictly avoid oils because of high cholesterol level and high blood pressure. Many restaurants have vegetarian menus, but it is impossible to keep oil level low. So his selection of restaurant is very narrow, it's only I-HOP for now. He sometimes gives up himself and takes me to Indian, Thai, Chinese restaurant which has buffet, so he can eat vegetables as much as he wants. And I LOVE Indian and Thai food!

So, today's restaurant was Artie's !
It was my friend choice :) They have a beautiful bar and dining!

While we were waiting for my friend and her husband, we tried the bar too.

I don't know about cocktails, and I love surprise. I left to my husband his choice for me. He picked up Bloody Mary (Vodka + Tomato juice) for both of us.

Their Bloody Mary was very interesting and unique. I didn't expect horse radish and spice in it! The spice was a lot as well as I have got a sore throat. But after I complained about it, I may want to try it again. I am wondering. Maybe, a little less spices would make a delicious Bloody Mary.

After the lunch, my friend took us to an Asian supermarket! It was right next to the restaurant. There are 2 Asian supermarkets in my area, but they don't carry many Japanese products. I am so impressed that I could find Japanese noodles I have been looking for for a long time!! Woo!!