Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Washing my keyboard :(

I have spilled beer on my keyboard 4 days ago :(
I thought it would not be a big problem for typing, but it was. Each key got harder to type, sometimes it is very firm and it doesn't get up after typed!!
I didn't have time to wash it for 2 days after that happening, but finally asked my husband yesterday how he did it before. I have heard he has spilled coffee on this keyboard (he uses other one for his computer now), and washed whole of it, dried well, there was no problem.

So, my keyboard was washed twice! ha.

Look at this messy inside of the keyboard!!
All plastic small keys were removed from the board.
My computer is in the family room which is a play room for my rabbits. It is hard to believe that rabbit's fur is even in this narrow spaces!! It could be a time to wash it anyway!

My husband is washing it really with kitchen soap. It is in a bucket in the sink of the kitchen.

And dried it well under the sun!

I waited for about 2 hours to get it dry completely. I am glad we are in summer now. Although the weather is very lovely cool lately, the sunshine is still for summer.

I couldn't believe when I ever heard he washed it, but it works. He told me that "Don't recommend it to other people." though ;)