Thursday, October 09, 2008

Custom orders.

I am sometimes offered a custom order.
Most of the time, the customer let me learn by offering me their ideas that I have never thought. They let my world to expand.

I recently enjoyed the business very much with the lady who loves knitting -- TickledPinkKnits --.

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She is a very gorgeous lady. I of course haven't met her though, her e-mails were always made me feel that she is intelligent, kind, generous, elegant...., I would like to say more about her, but unfortunately I don't have enough vocabularies :(

As you see her gorgeous knitting, she is obviously professional, her designs have been featured by many magazines! Wow!!

This was my first time to do custom order for my stationery shop!
I appreciate her for finding my shop and for liking my flower pattern. She ordered 90 thank you cards for her shop, also address stickers for a package.

I honestly wondered and confused a little that she hoped to use my flowers for her shop card, because her shop logos were very perfectly created. If I were her, I would like to correspond for promotional items for my shop. I actually wondered if it is ok for her to change the world by adding my flower pattern to her shop.

* Her address was blurred for security reason.

I have never thought about making stickers, but thanks to her, I have learned so many kind of sticker sheets even many kinds of paper on the market. What I have seen in the local store are very limited sizes. I have found circle stickers on the internet, it grabbed my heart! I love circles!!

I ordered the sticker sheet online for her order. The shop required to order minimum 100 sheets for each kind, so I still have many of sheets left. I thought I can make new items for my stationery shop using the sticker sheets, unfortunately I don't have time for it so far :( and good designs doesn't come up on my brain.

I have made one rabbit sticker using the circle sticker sheet, and I just personalized it for my friend so far. I think it looks very cute on a gift packaging :D I have to find what to do with these sticker sheet.

And, other custom order that I have never thought.
This is my petit granny bag. I put magnetic snap for closure for the bag.
One customer offered me to change the magnetic snap to the zipper. I told her that I cannot make a change to the completed one, but I can make a new one for her WITHOUT thinking if I know how to do it.

I said I can do, or I will do means I have to do unless I find out later that it's really impossible for me to do for some reason. And I will lose customers trust if I revised what I said. I really have to be careful, but I am often careless... X-(

I anyway got enough length zipper for the bag, and started to think how I can put the zipper on the bag. Zipper.... zipper.... zipper...? Am I sure I can do that for this shape of the bag? It took a while to figure out how to do it! Kept thinking, thinking, thinking how to do in front of my sewing machine, and finally got it done. I think I have made it well!

So, now, I know how to put a zipper on the granny bag, but it was hard job. I don't know if I want to do it again :( But thanks to her, I could figure it out!