Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Are you enjoying this holidays season??
Yes, I do!

I am not a Christian at all, but I love to enjoy this atmosphere and all beautiful Christmas things. And many luncheons, fun meetings! I don't have to prepare for anything of Christmas celebration since I don't celebrate Christmas (and all of American tradition), I can simply enjoy this season every year.

I have attended Bonen-kai (the end of the year party) hosted by Japan-America society in Washington D.C. last week for my first time. It was very good, I met one nice Japanese couple, and some new people there. D.C. is a bit far for me to go by myself, but I finally found a guy who is very interested in Japan to go to D.C. area with since my husband doesn't like to go! Thanks to him, I could finally made one of the events.

I keep thinking to make new items for my etsy shop, but time flies so fast everyday (>_<), since I started to join the English conversation club 4 times a week for practice of speaking English. I am thinking to take a few English classes for next spring, it will keep me very busy.

Here is the new picture of my younger nephew that I have just received from my sister-in-law this morning. She told me that he lately loves dinosaurs, enjoying the coloring book I sent.

Also, my sister-in-law enjoys caffeine free tea that it is very hard (or almost impossible) to get in Japan. Caffeine free drink is not popular in Japan, I remember my husband sent me caffeine free coffee when I was in Japan before we married. I didn't even know there is such a thing. She will give a birth to a boy this coming February (yes, the baby will be my third nephew!), so caffeine free is required for her body.

I am ready for making a new package for them, I got some dinosaur toys for him, toy cars, some caffeine free herbal teas, and children clothes. Woo, running out of money, but very fun since they are my treasure!