Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Today is my husband and my birthday!

I am so excited and so happy since I have checked my e-mails!!

I don't like to be older, but always very happy to receive a message of "Happy Birthday" from my friends! (I don't receive from my family. I wonder why. Only my mother sometimes remember it, not every year.)

Thank you so much for remembering my birthday, and for spending your time for writing me a message or a card!! They are from Japan, from this country, from Thailand. They are not an e-card which you can set the day and time to send it off.

And one more thing I am so impressed is, Japan is 14 hours ahead from here. They even think of the time difference! I didn't see any messages last night, but today!

My husband offered to get a birthday cake for us! (I didn't even think of it!) We usually go to Korean bread shop that carries cakes when we need a cake. Korean cake is not too sweet like American sweets.

We are going to have dinner at a restaurant for free tonight!
The deal is, they offer people free meal on your birthday if you become a member of the restaurant! I asked them how much cost for the membership, they said it's free! And I also checked if we can choose any meals from their menu.

Since my husband has been out of job, we really need to save money. Actually my husband is always likes to save money no matter if he has a job, it's because he is a contractor, we don't have any family in this country to help us when we need it, and he is very, very, very independent person who doesn't expect any help from even his friends since he was a child. That is why we can keep the same quality of life even after he has been out of job for almost a year.

I am very happy to have something special on our birthdays and on our anniversary!
This birthday is very perfect!!
As for our anniversary - Dec 26 -, we joined the English conversation club that I usually go by myself. He was expecting to go to a restaurant, but he wasn't feeling that way. A restaurant, is always a problem for us. He is a vegetarian, avoiding oil in dishes, not many restaurants meet his need. So I made a deal with him that he join the English conversation club one day to help non-native English speakers instead of going to a restaurant. I know he doesn't like to have company with people that much, even though he has enough skill to be an entertainment for people. It went very well, I believe he enjoyed the club because he was in good mood after that. And it is a secret though, I wanted him to meet my male friends there since I feel like he is in jealous since I talk about them a lot at home, and I sometimes go out with them. I am happy to see my husband seemed to enjoy the activity, because anniversary is for US, not only for me. I can say the same for the birthday, since we have the same birth date :)