Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Japanese Hiragana alphabet quilt.

My Japanese friend who lives in my area gave me an idea of making a Japanese alphabet quilt for sale. I think a crib quilt with English alphabets is very common to make in the USA, but I have never thought of making it with Japanese alphabets.

She told me that there are many mothers who would like to have this kind of educational quilt, because a Japanese alphabets poster is not enough to let children learn it. Just put the poster on the wall doesn't make them learn, but if you see the alphabets all the time closely in various colors, and even you can use it as a quilt would be better tool for them.

Japanese language fall into 3 general categories - Hiragana (50 characters), Katakana (50 characters), Kanji (thousands : share some of them with Chinese characters) -. Maybe I should make Katakana one as well?

My friend has 2 years old girl, so this quilt will be hers.
Hopefully I get some orders from other people :)

It is very interesting to hear from my friend that she has been teaching Japanese to her girl very hard. Her girl will learn English without huge effort as we (non-native English speakers) do, since she lives in the USA. My friend would like her to be a bilingual. She always talks her girl in Japanese, but her girl seems to pick up English words more than Japanese words because of the English environment. I am very surprised and impressed when I heard from the girl saying "It's a baby! Where is mom?".
She is only 2 years old... she already know English grammar..... Oh.

My sister-in-law who lives in Japan has been trying to let her boys learn English in early time of the life, using English Disney DVD, or American animations. But, sounds like it didn't go well. My friend's sister who lives in Japan also trying hard to let her children learn English, she speaks English to her children. It seems going well. Children would learn language from parents, so maybe my sister-in-law should speak English to her boys.... Very interesting, isn't it.