Sunday, March 29, 2009

Aloe face toner.

I think it is not common to use face toner in the USA, but we Japanese.
I asked some of my Japanese friends who live in other states, and they also said they cannot find similar one that we used to use in Japan.

I didn't mind to not use face toner for a while after I moved in the USA, since I didn't have serious skin problems, but lately :(
I think our skin needs moisture, and need to hold it. Only skin lotion (we call toner as lotion, and lotion as cream in Japan) is not enough to have moisture-retaining skin. Especially here in Virginia has dried weather all through a year, I started to have unexpected problem on my skin that I didn't have in Japan.

I looked for face toner, tried Avon one first since one of my friend was used to sell Avon products. But I can no longer have it since she has a job now and cannot see each other often. I see one Asian grocery store in my area sells Japanese facial products, but they are soooooo expensive!!

One of my Japanese friend who lives in the Washington state suggested me to make it by myself, and gave me aloe face toner recipe.

So...., here is the toner being in progress.
I found Aloe pot at Home Depot at $3.99, and the liquid is vodka. I forgot to make the bottle sterile, and it started to turn into red color :( My friend told me that I can add 3 peeled lemons if I remake it. I got go get some more vodka for it since I used them all for the bottle. I hope my husband doesn't find I have a bottle of vodka, otherwise.... he would drink it :(