Friday, April 17, 2009

Caw boy quilt.

My Japanese friend who went back to Japan from Utah a year ago, requested me to make a quilt for her boy in American style using fabrics you cannot buy in Japan. I was thinking to make it in baby style... but since she seems to miss the USA, and I had some cow boy patterned fabric, I decided to make it in American style.

The basic colors are blue and red.
Cow boy fabrics colors are .... dark....

I loved the fabric for backing - Roy Rogers -, I bought this fabric a few years ago at Jo-ann. I didn't know what I would use it for when I bought it, but I was attracted by it very much. And I am so happy that my favorite went to my friend's baby :) I didn't even know the name "Roy Rogers" as I was surprised at my husband so exciting when he saw this fabric. It was very popular TV program when he was a child, his dream at that time was to become a cow boy. He told me that he used to practice to shoot a gun every day using a wooden toy gun.

I brought the quilt to my quilting group to see member's reaction, and it is sure the program was very popular! I thought this quilt would be very Americana!

My friend in Japan already received this quilt, and she said she loved it in e-mail.... but I am not sure if she really loved it. I guess, I would make another quilt for her boy in baby or a boy style in near future.

Speaking of cow boy fabric.
Here is another cow boy fabric I have.

Many cow boys faces...

Why this guy is only bottom of body????

And this guy looks like a ghost....

It is very interesting to see different culture.