Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Custom tree quilt in green.

Custom ordered twin size tree quilt in green in progress.

Only tree here...

And it got many fruits.... Looks fun :D
The circle fabrics include seam allowance, so they will be shrunk after sewed on the background fabric.

Here is the original tree quilt.
Pink Tree quilt

One lady ordered it in green and in twin size for her son.
It's almost done, I am now waiting for fabric for binding that I ordered online! Yappiiii :D

Other twin quilt which the same lady ordered, is Korean alphabet quilt!
I have never thought of making a Korean alphabet quilt, I even didn't know how Korean basic alphabets look like. I have drawn them to make a pattern, traced them from pictures of alphabets.

And already cut fabrics for the background, here is the color pallet - although it is drawn as a Japanese alphabet, they will be in Korean alphabets.-

I am excited to see the completed quilt!