Saturday, May 30, 2009

Doll blanket...

The doll quilt I made for my friend daughter has just arrived in Japan. My friend has updated her blog about it.

Pocomoco Diary

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What do you think? I think she needs blanket for the doll...

So, here is my blanket idea.

Timely, I got this adorable moda fabric at local fabric shop a while ago, and this was in "dog house" (on sale)! I thought this fabric is perfect for a crib quilt, so I got whole bolt - maybe around 7 yards left on it - which is available more discount.

I am thinking to place my little tree on the corner of piece of fabric, and use flannel as backing, quilt them without batting. Also..., planning to make a mat for sale in the same design with double batting :)

I think it's adorable though...., what do you think???