Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mini quilts.

My first mini quilts!
One is pink borders with swirl quilting,

and, another one is floral white borders with flower quilting.

A while ago, I promised my friend to make a doll quilt for her daughter Hana, since I read her blog about Hana is really into playing with a doll.
I've been busy, but if I didn't try to find a time for it, I wouldn't be able to make if forever. So..., I anyway started to make it, piecing some strips.

I thought I was making one doll quilt, but what I figured out after finished piecing strips was it's too much quantity for one mini quilt. I decided to make 2 more similar quilts with the "leftover", and here are the result :)

I like to make a flat tote bag to describe my world, I feel like the flat surface of a toto is canvas to draw. Since I have got a passion to make a mini quilt, I may want to use mini quilts as a method of drawing... It will be fun.

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