Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big Surprise from Lucinda

Chair quilt from Lucinda!!

I was very surprised when I saw a package from her in mails. It has just arrived yesterday!! I had no idea what she sent me and why.

What I found in the package was this. I am now calm down..., but I was very excited when I saw this quilt as I forgot to include "Thank you" in an e-mail to her :( and I misspelled her name as well. OH, OH, OH.

I shared a little Japanese Obi fabric with her that my sister-in-law's mother previously sent me. She really sent me a lot! I just shared what I was given, but Lucinda took her precious time for me to make this adorable quilt. It is hand sewn, by the way.

Here is the details :)

The back is also cute!!

I actually have the same fabric. Her quilt reminded me of wonderful and heartful memory as well.
I have had a customer in UK, she wanted to have a little piece of fabric used for one of my item. She asked me where she can buy though, the piece she would like to have was just 5 inches square. So I enclosed the piece in her purchase. Then, she sent me some piece of rabbit fabric from UK. This fabric Lucinda used for the back is the exactly same one!

I appreciate people for being so nice!!
Thank you Lucinda!!