Saturday, June 27, 2009

A day Boboes became my family.

Bobo (sarubobo)!

These are from my friend Mai's shop - SIESTA -. Her new items with Sarubobo families are getting large collections! Super Cute!!

It looks like he/she is taking a nap on the table. Or thinking something?
I didn't know yellow bobo is for a wish for luck in money... My instinct must picked up....

And pink bobo :D

What is he/she doing??
Looks like he/she is debating.
"I cannot agree with that idea!!" and hitting the surface of table. Something like that. Maybe...
Pink bobo is for a wish for luck in love. I didn't know that.
Probably my instinct picked the color....

Love and money. Ha.

Mai included extra goodies in the package of boboes.

Origami Flower. It looks very difficult to hold origami. She is really very talented to work for a small complicated things... I adore her.

And small plush - fish -.
I thought this is a carrot when I first saw it. I thought I would add it on my key ring, but afraid of it may be tore up easily with my keys.

So I put it on my rabbit stomach which was a gift from Masko - Siam Square -.

They will comfort me every time I see them..., they really make me smile :)

Thank you very much for the adorable items made with your miracle hands, Mai!! :D :D :D
I get very comfortable when I think of her, it is like I fell in love with her - I am not a gay, though. ha ha -. Hope I could see her someday, maybe when I go back to Japan next time. I want to drink and talk about anything with her. This is my first time to feel this way with someone who I met on the internet.