Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My new purse from SiamSquare!

Very convenient purse to use!

My friend SiamSquare generously sent this purse to me a while ago!
The fabric used for this purse just matches with my bag, which is also from her shop, I was thinking to get it when she listed this purse in her shop.

Then she told me that the purse was made as a sample, so she would give it to me! (SURPRISE!!) OH MY GOD!!

She is very talented to make these kind of organizers, complicated purse. As I might mention ever, my brain cannot think things in 3D, my brain just reject it. I really envy people who can make a doll or a stuffed animal, anyway something 3D.

I used to carry 2 purses, one is for private, and one is for business. But now this purse has 2 compartments, so I can divide private and business in one purse. Also, this purse can hold many cards, a lot of room!

She carries many items which is of course in her original design, she takes custom orders, so check it out!! :D :D