Monday, June 22, 2009

Super Q mart

International food shop finally came to my area!!

Super Q mart!

After other super market closed down, Super Q mart was saying "Coming SOON!!" for 2 years there.
I expected the super market would carry foods at expensive price, but actually it was a lot cheaper than other Asian super markets! I visited there what they have today, and checked the vegetable prices. We don't care about meat price because we don't eat meat - although I eat outside -, and we buy large amount of vegetables for rabbits and for us every week.
I found today the Romain lettuce price is $0.79, other super market price is $0.99 - 1.29, other veges price are soooooo good too!

Super Q mart says they are international, but international in my area means Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish. (and American)
They carry almost the same products as other Asian super market do, so I am very happy to have them really near from my home. This super market became the nearest one, as well - 5 minutes driving -, others are 20-30 minutes. Big difference!

Hope people around this area shop at Super Q mart. I don't think many Asian people live in my neighbor, and one of my American friend has told me that American people are generally tend to avoid such kind of super market, because they are not clean, price doesn't matter for them.
But this Super Q mart is enough clean as American people would come, I really want them to stay in business for a long time!