Monday, June 01, 2009

Twin size quilts order

Finally! :D DONE! :D :D

They are big... I didn't recognize how big they are until I make the tops by myself.
I do quilting job, and I have done many of twin size quilts (only quilting), but I felt something difference when I made the tops by myself. I recognized I seldom make a big size quilt.

Here is one of them!
Tree quilt in green! :D

FUN! isn't it?

And here is the Korean alphabet quilt.

Korean basic alphabets are much easier than Japanese basic alphabets. I now have patterns of them that I drew, so I will make it again for sale in much smaller size. I appreciate the lady who offered me to make this as throwing me the idea!

Most difficult part for me to make this quilt was what I had to draw the alphabet pattern. I don't have Korean language on my computer. I just typed Japanese alphabet when I made the pattern of Japanese one because I have Japanese language with many fonts. As Japanese alphabets slightly change its shape depends on a font, Korean alphabets also do. I had to compare all images to find the shapes in round gothic font through the internet. It was a good experience.

My friend told me that how about to make other language's quilt in future like Arabic. Unfortunately...., I am not thinking of it....

I love the result of both of them, I hope my customer would love them too!!