Friday, July 17, 2009

Etsy Lounge - Blue wave cushion -

My blue wave cushion was featured by ArtsyPicks at her website Etsy Lounge.

Etsy Lounge is an independent blog and not affiliated with, is a bit like a permanent treasury from which visitors can link directly to your store (from ArtsyPicks).

Etsy Treasury is a favorite list which has items picked up by a etsy seller following a theme the seller had on her/his mind. Etsy Front page is also the same way but the items are selected by Etsy admin. They sometimes use Treasury already made by a seller for the Front page. It appears on the front page of Etsy, so it is great way for advertise your item.

It is very convenient way to find a favorite item from someone's favorite lists, since the items are collected following one theme. You don't have to look around all over of Etsy site, if you find a right one there. Also it's so interesting to see someone's favorite either.

I appreciate ArtsyPicks for doing this for all of etsy sellers and buyers!