Sunday, July 19, 2009

Korean alphabet quilt


Since I made a Korean alphabet quilt in twin size at a custom order, I have wanted to make it in smaller size. I started to make it in the same block size as Japanese alphabet quilt, but I have noticed in the middle of process that I made a mistake of vertical and horizontal....

The number of Japanese alphabet (hiragana) is 50 (actually 46, since old style script was removed and left the space as empty by the Japanese government) and we read them vertically right to left. But Korean basic alphabet is 40 and read them horizontally left to right, same as English. My brain got confused and to make the quilt size not to odd, I had to adjust the block size after applique process was done. OH! X-(

Anyway, I think the result turned to be pretty! Hope it will be sold :) Thinking to make a Korean alphabet quilt again in the same style of Japanese alphabet quilt after this one is sold as a sample quilt of custom order. So people can choose backing from a selection :)