Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New computer.

Trying to get a new computer, since my husband's one for me started to give me a noise. According to him, the hard drive (HDD) is too old and that is making the noise. He suggested me to change the HDD, but he doesn't want to help me to do it. And I don't know anything about computers, I even looked up on the internet about it, and even I found one website to tell me how to install it including in the case of you replace HDD, or adding to the old one, ... but I think that to buy a new one (lap top!) is easy and stressless for me. The OS I use now is Win2000, it is old and I will soon hit the point of not many softwares and hardwares don't support 2000 anymore.

This is tough work!! I read a lot of reviews what brand is the best, what type of computer is suitable for my dairy work. But still I cannot figure out the detals what is good for me.

I asked my friend for consulting. She is a specialist about computers - I didn't know her skill is such excellent until now...! - who works for a software company. She also does setting all hardwares for companies. The questions she throws me includes really delicate and small things, which I have never thought. I really feel she is trying to get a best one for me!

Once I get a new lap top computer, I can take it to Japan with me. I can enjoy DVD in my sewing room, I can use Internet at library, at Starbucks, when I got a problem in my home with VERISON. (This is really not a good company, but we don't have a choise.)

Anyway, all I can do to get a new computer is sewing, sewing, sewing to make enough money to buy it!! VERY, MANY SPECIAL thanks to my friend, of course!! I will just do whatever she suggests me!