Sunday, July 05, 2009

Treasury -- Thank you -- Green leaf -- A2 fold cards --

Treasury from my stationery shop! Thank you!

"Turn over a new leaf" selected by titilayo.

:: This treasury will expire Wednesday 5:40am July 8 ::

So, how was your July 4th? I heard a lot of fireworks sounds last night!
Yesterday, my husband and I disassembled and washed the biggest rabbit cage (again including carpet for the cage), which is bigger than my bed..... It took whole day, but I am comfortable to see the cage is clean!

Here is happy SOU (male) and Rusty (male).
Trying to make a trio with these guys and RingRing since SOU's partner Simone has passed away. SOU is a rabbit who always needs company. He was a excellent nurse for Simone for years. When he is alone, he just sit on the corner even in the play room, doesn't move. But once he gets a person to play with he become immediately curious, runs around me, loves to be pet and kissy, but hates to be held :(. Although he is a bit aggressive, but hopefully those guys can live together in one cage...