Monday, August 31, 2009

Sakura and Chidori

Sakura is always in my heart.
I love the small most beautiful flower. The color is also perfect, love the pink.
I made a big Sakura coaster set! When I saw the pink fabric at fabric store, couldn't refuse myself to buy it! It is Sakura pink!

Since my friend SiamSquare is hoping to have labels for her shop with Chidori image, I draw Chidori for it. Chidori means a small bird in English, which is one of Japanese traditional pattern. It is often used as Sashiko pattern too.
While I was drawing Chidori, I thought this small simple bird is actually pretty and easy to embroide.... ho ho ho.

So here is the Sakura coasters, and Chidori drawstrings wristlet :D