Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blog featured - Beyond Koreanfornian Cooking -

My Korean alphabet quilt is featured on this blog, Beyond Koreanfornian Cooking.

I was just thinking about foreign alphabets as you see in the previous post. My Korean alphabet quilt only shows very basic alphabets of Korean, you still need to learn the combination of the basic alphabets. Apparently Korean letters are made with many of combination of the basic alphabets, and pronunciation is determined with it too.

Speaking of Korea, my mother is very into Korean drama as well as other old Japanese ladies... She says Korean drama doesn't have sexual scenes a lot and it is comfortable to see it for her generation. I have seen some of them, I see what my mom said.

I have met one famous Korean actress in the English conversation club I usually attend every Tuesdays, she said Kiss scene is OK, but not been allowed to have a bed scene in a drama. She seemed to be a very famous as other Korean people who come to the club knew her.

Anyway, I am honored that my quilt is featured on this blog. Thank you very much.