Monday, September 14, 2009

My first kit.

Egg coasters!

I have been really being influenced by Mai - mairuru - since I met her online.
Anything she makes just drug me into crazy.... also her life I see on her blog and from emails we exchange, too.

Since she made this cute kit - Sarubobo helps you pincushion making kit -, I wanted to make a kit too. And here is my first kit...., Sunny side up coasters kit.

This is very easy to make for a sewing beginner. You don't need a sewing machine which maybe being put away in the closet, just enjoy small sewing world by your hand.

It took a few days to make instruction, with long hours labor per day.... as my eyes started to be hurts because of staying in front of my computer for long stretches.

I am thinking to make another kit..., probably - a drawstrings bag with Japanese kimono fabric kit - that also you can sew by your hand. I anyway have tons of fabric.... as I don't think I can use them all in near future, and still love to buy fabric (>_<). Holding myself from buying it for a few months though! But it is hard to find nice strings looks good on the drawstrings bag... I anyway couldn't find it at my local store.

I need time more to play with fabrics...., that's for sure!