Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A package from Vietnam.

I purchased a pouch from this shop the other day!

Dancing In The Rains

And it arrived today~~~! :D

S.U.P.E.R. C.U.T.E.....!!!
This cat's face really makes me happy, I naturally smile! I need to have this always around me so that I would remember how to smile even when I had something bad. It is like a good luck charm for me, not only that, but also useful as a pouch.

The pouch is now still in the cello bag..., I am afraid to break the atmosphere of this adorable wrapping. I think it will be on my desk for a while like a post card, and then start to use it when I have a special happening. This is a treat for myself! To buy this kind of small adorable things is to collect small happiness for me.

I would love her -- Dancing In The Rains -- to make post cards set with her original cat drawings. I have noticed she enclosed her business card, so maybe she is already thinking of it. It will make huge sales, I believe!!

It is also interesting to see a package from other country.
These are stamps of Vietnam.
And packaging tape.

And custom form.

I cannot read any of Vietnam letters, but so interesting to see as symbols.
I do understand foreigners has interests in Japanese alphabets and Kanji characters, they are often used as a decoration either. They must be feeling the same as I do to Vietnam letters.