Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rainy day.

It is hard to take good pictures of items on a rainy day :(
But I anyway wanted to show off what is ready for my shop!

First of all, this plush is from Mai - mairuru-. She included this morning glory in the package when she sent me some fabrics.
I have been thinking what I can do with this small treasure, and since I bought many of cell phone straps, I put it on this small gift from her.

I have made some Inu-hariko pouch and totes, Chidori pouches since the first 2 of them have been sold.

Small Inu-hariko totes.

Sakura cards set. This sakura design is... maybe 1.5 years old... It made the first sale last night after 1.5 years.

And veins totes! I machine quilted on the front side. I made the closure as well with thin leather string and wooden beads. I thought it would be interesting to see virtical tote and horizontal tote in the same design.

Hope the weather will be improved very soon so that I can take good pictures of them to list them on my shop!