Saturday, December 12, 2009

Salvation Army or Good Will??

It been a long time since I stopped to update this blog.
I have moved in the new place to live by myself at the end of November. Now, I am on vacation :) My new life will be started with my friends soon, and I am very excited about it. I do appreciate my friends from the bottom of my heart for helping me, thinking of me. This couldn't be done without their help, and I will need a lot of their help in future too.... I cannot tell how lucky I am that I have such wonderful friends since I moved in the USA. Thanks to my friends who are in the USA and in Japan, I feel I am not alone. I also want to be a person who can help my friends in my best when they have a problem. "Just tell me if you need help." I heard this word from my friends so many times.... Thank you so much. I hope my English speaking skill will be improved thanks to them!

I have ordered a new laptop computer a few days ago, I would have my own computer in this month. Soon after I get it, I would like to open my etsy shop. I really didn't like to close my shop temporary in this holiday season, but I couldn't help it.

I had to clean my stuff because of my move, and took many things to Salvation Army. I hope they will find a good home. I had a little bad impression from Salvation Army stuff when I took them to there. I thought they don't want to work. They didn't care to drop fragile things on the floor even I gave them an attention. One
lady waited after me brought so many useful children stuff in. One shoe dropped out of a bag, other pair of the shoe was left in the bag. They picked up the dropped shop and threw it in the big container for a damaged goods. The shoes could find a new home if they treated it in proper way. I do understand huge amount of people would bring unnecessary items to Salvation Army, and they do have huge stocks. It would be hard to store and to organize them in the storage. This was my first experience to donate my stuff, I wonder how Good Will treat things?

What I have been so surprised from the move is! I have SO, SO, SO many craft things!!! I gave my friends some of them, all of flower
arrangement things, curving a stamp things, inks for fabric, etc...., still I do have SOOOOO many fabrics! I really need to organize my belongings. Now so many boxes are sitting in my new room that I rent as it is difficult to move around. I feel sick when I think of putting
them away :(

I will enjoy my vacation some more, and return to my new life soon :)