Friday, January 29, 2010

Generation gap from Body Scrub

I had my first time to use body scrub the other day. You may feel something odd from this post, but I am not a stranger very much.

I didn't know what body scrub is, because I have never used it.
The last Sunday, my first American friend Debbie gave me a gorgeous bath set. The body scrub was in the set, and Debbie told me that it is like a body shampoo to clean your body.

I tried it 2 days later. Put it on my mesh towel to scrub my body. I expected to see a lot of bubbles... but they have never appeared. I think, in my generation, something liquid or gel to wash your body, bubbles are supposed to appear when you rub with a towel. I thought I need to put it more on the towel maybe, but I got the same result - bubbles don't appear. - STRANGE!

After the shower, I asked my house owner - she is older than me - if she knows about body scrub. She told me the same as Debbie said, it is like a body shampoo to clean your body. She added that bubbles shouldn't appear. OH. She added more that she prefer to use soap instead of it. WE need bubbles to clean our body!

Her daughter who is 21 likes to use that kind of things, so I decided to give it to her... I am sorry, Debbie... but I need bubbles to clean my body. I think it's because I was born in older generation. I have never seen body scrub in my young time :(

Thanks again Debbie, for your hospitality the last Sunday!

P.S. maybe Amyee could use it....